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Balance & Vestibular Program

Balance is the maintenance of the center of gravity over the base of support. When this is lost, one falls. Falling can result in other injuries as well. We train you not to fall! The vestibular system is formed by the eyes, the inner ears, and the proprioception system in your skin and joints. Together they keep you upright, maintain your posture, and prevent dizziness or disequilibrium. When the system is disrupted, look out! Rooms can spin, change in head position can cause nausea and loss of equilibrium, and you can fall. See us for proper evaluation and treatment of this system.

Biomechanical Analysis

An evaluation of the mechanics of how a joint and surrounding soft tissues move in concert. Usually pain and dysfunction is precipitated by a fault in the mechanics. Identifying this fault and correcting it helps solve the problem and prevents its return. It also allows for more efficient function which translates into improved performance.


Manual Therapy

Treating with manual therapy starts with a comprehensive biomechanical assessment of the injured region. Once dysfunction of the joint and surrounding soft tissues is completed, we then utilize a broad spectrum of techniques to restore normal function. These techniques include: joint mobilization , manipulation, myofascial release, active release techniques, strain counterstrain, muscle energy techniques, indirect and direct osteopathic techniques, massage, mobilization with movement, Butler, Elvey, neural mobility techniques,......get the idea? Our list of techniques continues to grow as our expertise expands. Our clinicians have been trained both locally and internationally and we continue to stay ahead of the curve through progressive continuing education.

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Solution Based Physical Therapy

Active Release Techniques

ART is an advanced soft tissue mobilization technique used by the athletes in the IRONMAN triathlon to maintain their rigorous training regimen without breaking down with injury. If it works for them, think of what it can do for you. www.activerelease.com